Selasa, 11 September 2018

Mile 22 (2018) : Iko Uwais’s Wasted Opportunity in Long Stretch

I have always been a fan of action movie, and the raid is one of the best action movies that I have ever watched. It was full of cool choreography and intense moment, even though the story is pretty simple. The main prontagonist cast Iko Uwais an actor that is a martial artist at heart. This iko uwais play a big role in Mile 22 so I actually have a big expectation for this movie. In this post I will tell you what I think of the movie and whether you should watch it or not.

Senin, 10 September 2018

Adventure Time (Finale) : Graduate and End of an Era

There is always a kid inside each of us. That is what I believed and what kept me watching adventure times for the last ten years. It was a long journey and I actually grow up with it. And now it is hard to believe that Adventure time actually ended its long series in its last episode on 13th episode. I wanted to say that it managed to end the series on a high note and one of the best endings possible for a cartoon , it even makes you want to have more even though you just watched it end.

It’s been a long adventure for us with finn the human, and his best friend jake the dog. Ever since ice king kidnapping princess bubblegum, marcelline daddy’s issues, and of course many antagonist that come to their ways (my favorite was fern). It all comes to a big ending and clash at the final battle. By the final episode, everything about the plot is almost wrapped up, but  it didn’t end without  leaving some mysteries to be talked about and theorized even though the story ended. It just leave you the desire to have a sequel to explain how things have shaped up in the future.

Read through this part if you did watched it and do not mind all the spoilers….

Sabtu, 08 September 2018

Yuk Kenalan ama Amanda BROW!

“Memang Banyak yang jual kue diluar sana, tapi kalau pingin yang berkualitas dan terjamin ya Amanda Brownies pilihannya” Begitulah kata Bapak Muhammad Rhino Rakadhipa S.M (Wakil Kepala Outlet Cabang Balikpapan) pada saat peluncuran paket pembelian terbaru yang mereka tawarkan. Bapak Rhino ditemani dengan Bapak Eko Agung Suprobo (Supervisor Area Kalimantan), dan Ibu Rosmayani S.Pd (Kepala Outlet Cabang Balikpapan) hadir di outlet Amanda Brownies Klandasan pada senin (3/8) kemarin untuk mempromosikan paket Hemat Amanda Brow.

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2018

Aura (2018) : Bad Feeling over Horror Movie

The world of supernatural is always an interesting concept to be brought in form of movies. Movies like exorcism, the ring, ju-on, and paranormal activity is a proof of how successful a horror film about ghost can be. In other hands, there are films like Aura (2018) which have shown me that horror can be boring.

I cannot concentrate throughout the screening of the film and halfway there I wanted to watch something else because it is not so engaging.  The film tells the stories of a family and a photography apparatus in their house. The stories starts when they capture photos of people in the house, there is a specific aura that will be included in the result. Somehow, the aura actually points out that there is a greater evil.

The main stories actually simple, if you want spoilers then go ahead. The brother, his wife, his mother, tried to exorcise a presence from the house that is actually disturbing the sister. They do that by enlisting the help of a séance. *By the end of the film, the séance died but managed to free the sister only to have the presence moved to the wife.*

The story actually have a good concept to utilize photography in capturing paranormal presence, but I see games like “fatal frame” can did it a lot better and have more mysteries to be invested. Moreover, what I think is lacking from this film is the characters and act. I really cannot sympathize with the family at all and how they act throughout the film.

One of the most disappointing character is the paranormal expert and the demon. First of all, I wanted to say, that a good paranormal expert can carry the movies through their success. Insidous movies even got so invested on their own that they decided to make a special film about the paranormal expert. But in this film, I almost wanted to scream that you will be scammed by that paranormal expert. She was very unconvincing somehow and not so interesting. *I even felt nothing by the time she died at the end of the film*. The demon that appear as antagonist doesn’t feel very threatening and dangerous as well. It failed to bring sense of danger and suspense to the film.

In the end, I do not think it is a good movie. I will not recommend other people to watch it. However, if you wanted to try it, please do so. Personally, I will watch other film if I wanted to get scared and thrill. I just hope that Aura will not be a sign of what horror movie in 2018 will look like. I already have high expectation since I watched Hereditary.