Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

Creativity in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the practice of setting up a business – or setting yourself up as self-employed - in your own company.  The thought of starting your own business is very tempting , the thought of being independent and lots of advantages gained will cross every mind, whether the people is experienced businessman, fresh graduate or students. The flexibility of work and the potential of business is very wide in terms of entrepreneurship. 
Even though the thoughts have crossed the minds very often, not many will actually will follow through to become an entrepreneur. This is because nothing is risk free, and it is not easy to raise and develop your own business. It takes more than money to be a good entrepreneur, you will also needs good skills in many aspects, a good management, and of course what based your business, a GOOD IDEAS. Well, there are some important things that you need to develop to get a good ideas and prevail as entrepreneur.


You need to have a good empathy for others, as you will direct your business to other. Other people will act as your product’s market, so you need to understand them. You need to understand their wants and needs, how to satisfy them, and ultimately led them to believe that they are part of your business to incur their loyalty. Your ideas will be based on the wants of the market, if you get it wrong you may encounter hard times in your business.­

A good social skill will be very helpful in your quest to gain empathy to others. When you develop a good social skill with others you will have easier times connecting with other, identifying their wants, gain their support and coordination, while also make them believe that you are important to them.

A good empathy will help you maintain a good relationship with your customers. A good connection with the customers will let you design a precise idea or products that will help you satisfy their wants and needs. Industrial Engineers have developed QFD, kano model, and many other methods to identify the right ideas to satisfy the customers. Along with a good empathy and social skill in developing the basic idea of your business, it may reduce your chance of failure significantly.


No matter how prepared you think you are in business as entrepreneur, you will encounter some hardships along the way. You will need a burning passion and patience to help you get through hard times in business. There are many people that let their expectation run through their heads at the start of business, disappointed by the results they are obtained and in the end decided to close their business even before reaching a stabile period in their business. 

Of course, hardships will happened, you are not in the business alone (unless you create a new market, which will make you lead for a while until someone follow your ideas). There are many people that struggle in the fiery competition to be a market leader in the business. To stay ahead in the business you have to always improve your products or service or you will be left behind. Industrial engineers have learned about quality management and improvement, you may use six-sigma, zero defects, SWOT and many methods to create a new ideas that will let you stay ahead in the business.
Having a good passion and let your business run aligned with that passion will help you to persist through hardships. A musician may gain success as entrepreneur in their business or theme related because their passion push them to strive knowledge and develop themselves better and spread their passion wider through their business. Same could be said about artist, crafts, or cooks. They all have their own passion, and through their knowledge and that same passion they can spot opportunity or gain ideas to develop as their business.


A good entrepreneur are made not born to this world. They learned from their mistakes, explore new ideas and opportunities, and practice their knowledge for real. Everyone should always learn to develop their business. Artist, cook, or musician are always demanded to present a different and creative ideas in their work.  They have to experiment on their ideas, and have different approach or delivery to solve a problem. This kind of behavior will spring about changes in business and may create creative flow to spark. It may not always be as efficient as uniform and conformed ideas, and it may not work perfectly. But, Entrepreneurs prefer – and create – working environments that allow for uninhibited behavior and big picture thinking. The unorthodox viewpoints and perspective are often what drive a creation of new ideas; the frustration over status quo inspired to attempt a better approach, often with minimal resources and this approach may yield better results than before.

The point stands that the more practice you put in your work, the better you will get. You can see this that musician and artist will try to improve their work by try something new in their work and inputting something different whether the ideas or delivery. A cook for example to process the best food, they will always improve and refine the recipe. Entrepreneur is the same, the more you experience, the more you will learn, and thus you have more opportunities to improve your business.

In conclusion, Creative ideas should be explored, through passion and patience, not to forget to use empathy on your environment as each individual have their own unique perspective that might surprisingly become the source of your ideas. In the end, you will need to have patience, and support of other, as in execution you have limit, whether it is ability or resource.

(2016-01-30 // Adam Afrixal Sinuraya)

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