Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Thought of Adulterated Drinks (Oplosan)

Recently, there have been an uprising in case of Death or sickness caused by adulterated drinks (oplosan) in Indonesia. Apparently, the adulterated drinks are created by mixing their booze with Spritus, coloring chemical, even baygon (anti-mosquito). Because the things they mixed in their booze is legal and easily obtainable in stores, the creation of adulterated drinks are easy. But, as you can see from the ingredients I mentioned, none of them are actually deadly to consume. I think that maybe they think that by adding these ingredients into their drinks they can feel more ‘relax’ and more ‘fly’ (to heaven, yes).

Just this morning, there is a case of death because of adulterated drinks in Yogyakarta. Yes, Yogyakarta “the place referred to as the city of student in Indonesia is not actually free from the danger of the adulterated drinks. However, it should be noted, you should not judge Yogyakarta based on this case, I bet other region may have the same problem or even worse case. Yogyakarta is actually the place with most polite and high valued culture I ever visited. But, even with so many education, value, and culture around in Yogya, It does not stop some people to actually try to do something humiliating here. Please respects its value and culture, just as the yogya have given you privilidge to stay there.

The loss of lives are no laughing matter and it is regrettable. However, “I rather die while doing something meaningful and useful”. I don’t think that people that drinks the adulterated drinks are actually blind to its danger. I mean an anti-mosquito lotion is supposed to kill mosquito, even if it’s safe I wouldn’t risk drinking something that could kill life. Now, the interesting point. Why do it then?

Based on what I heard, drinking booze warm you up and help you relax ,It is not uncommon in foreign countries like japan and Europe to drink booze, it may even associated with celebration. Even though that is the case, in Indonesia a country with Muslim majority do not appreciate drink booze, and other religion or social respect this and do not drink openly. Because there are cases like drunk and drive, drunk text, and crime conducted while being drunk, some may think that drinking booze is bad. Heck, when I was a child a drunk young man ever come to my house yelling while bringing a knife being drunk, it was scary.

If some think drinking normal booze is bad enough, why add some more deadly ingredients in adulterated drinks? If you want warmth go drink wedang jahe or something, or go hug someone. I think that the reason for drinking adulterated drinks (deadly or not) is simple…which is FUN. I don’t know, maybe there are some misconceptions out there that associated fun and coolness with being drunk (many movie actually do this), or people drink adulterated drinks just because a ‘dare’ between friends. For the love of Jelly, some students actually drinks this shit with knowing the danger, it only takes common sense for people to know its dangers, now ‘STUDENTS’ people that study which drink it I don’t know their excuse.

I don’t drink, and I won’t force you to not drink booze. But, if you drink please drink appropriately, and be considerate to others. People should always be responsible for their action conscious or drunk. If you die because of adulterated drink (miras oplosan), think about how you will badly affect the place, the social environment around you, your family and friends. Your life is your own, but it does not only affect you. Please think about your life and decision, and be responsible for it.

(2016-02-08 // Adam Afrixal Sinuraya)