Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Teaching and Learning English with Muda Mengajar Community

Yesterday, I joined the Muda Mengajar Teaching Group. It is a volunteer group of youth that dedicate themselves to help and teach small kids at school.I helped them to process a video for the anniversary of their group at different location in Samarinda and I got to say I actually got pretty happy that i am able to helped them from the start, .

You will find some info about the activity on this article of mine. However, the group is actually managed to get some attention in Balikpapan for example in this newspage and this other newspage.
Heck, even my friends have mentioned on their blog that the group have been on air since back then, you can check it out here (read Aditya Parama's Blog there)

The Muda Mengajar Balikpapan group that i Joined focus on Balikpapan Area, and it have three vocal places which are located on Sepinggan, Al Kahfi Mosque, and Kampung Buton. and I got some new friends there, like Arjun, Anna, Daya, Mulia, Ikhsan, and so many little kids

I am placed together with my chubby friends Mega laras Waty, i went to the kampung buton area. after getting lost more than three times due to dead battery on my phones, I finally managed to get to the teaching site by borrowing charger from the nearby wood garage. (He is a nice man, god bless you young woodworker!)

It is not a surprise that the teaching activity already started considering I was the one that is late. I was confused how to join, but I think I managed just fine to mingle along with the kids. I also managed to get photos of their activity below. check it out.

learning Alphabet on english
 Mulia and Laras Teaching about Have/Has to 4th-5th grader

 Creating Collage of Number


  Learning to speak and write in english

   Closing the meeting together with games and prayer

Maybe someday they will get more prosperous and bigger, so much bigger it is possible to exist all over Indonesia. Either way, If you are interested you can join them or maybe contact them. and if you want to know more jusr check out their activity on or Their Instagram account here.