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Basilisk Ouka Ninpocho, not like Naruto

So, I have time today and I watched several anime cartoons. The one that I watched titled “Basilisk” and it was an adaptation of a manga, which unknown to me. I was interested because the setting is in old era of japan concerning shogun relationship and the ninja politics. It focusses on ninja’s life and their politics, and strength in accordance with their relationship to the shogun.

While I was expecting Naruto like story, from the second I watched it, I knew that they were different. They are more mature and the story seems more complicated. But, the ninja technique they used or “Jutsu” as they call it is really creative and more believable than Naruto’s. I really love their ideas.

I watched the second episode, which tells the story of a legend from both main ninja family Iga and Kouga. The legend from Iga is a woman with special power named oboro, and the legend from Kouga is  a man with powerful eye power named Gennosuke. This episode pretty much tells their relationship, in spite of their different families. Both of the legend become the representative of their ninja family to fight each other as shogun ordered.
Tokugawa ieyasu in the story leave each ninja families (iga and kouga) one of his son to fight for, and then to decide the next powerholder in line they want the house that cared for his children to fight in their stead. So both families wanted more power pick out their strongest ninja to fight which is the legends, aaand they fell in love instead.

The episode further detailed about what may have occurred during the fight and aftermath, after all it is still shrouded in mystery. They still argue how the fight ended in Kouga clan winning. It is a tragic story that ends with the death of both legends, which can or may happened through the maybe descendant of the legends. The descendants are of course the Main character of the story, the chill cool guy named hachirou and his sister Hibiki, which is feared to have the same end story for them in store.
I have mentioned that I like their jutsu ideas, and this episode show some of that For example, there was this old man that looks menacing, cool and intimidating, but his jutsu actually manipulating his sweat. And the way he get the sweat out is funny, I really laughed during that scene. But not all of it is funny, some are cool which manipulate whip, water, and even shadows.

One of the legends, this gennosuke guy have a powerfull eyes that can give you illusion. I think this is similar to the power of sharingan. Naah, it probably more like code geass, since he uses it to make his enemy commit suicide.
They have also mentioned that there was an immortal ninja like Yakushiji Tenzen from Iga, and later it shows a death of  a ninja which was beheaded but still managed to talk a few lines. I laughed again, and I did not expect this at all from this show, but it is ridiculous yet fun watch. You should try to watch it, and I myself now want to look for and read the manga.

watch the trailer below :

I also watched this series called “hitori no shita”, an anime from china yet dubbed in Japanese which apperantly on season two. It have martial arts, and super power tournament idea. I watched it because the main character, this saoran guy is pretty fun person. When will Indonesia have one? even chinese have begun to make it

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