Kamis, 25 Januari 2018

Final Fantasy VII Dazzling Experience

Hey guys, so last week I finally finished one of the most notable games in history. Yeah, I finally finished the infamous Final Fantasy VII. And all I have to say is that it really is as amazing as people said it to be. I now understand why so many people choose the FF VII as their favorite even though there are a lot of line up in the series. I have always wanted to play this game since I got the PS1 years ago, but never went and play it until recently.
The story is simple yet amazing in a way. It is not about only rebellion of those in power and the weak, it also thought provoking at the relationship between human and the planet. I love the concept of the existence of lifestream, mako energy as fuel, shinra as company that misuse it, and of course the power of materia. The plot mainly concern about a group of eco terrorist that went against the big corporation because of their way of harnessing energy, and it ends up with them trying to save the earth from a meteor by healing the earth. They sure come a long way to get there. (It really is long because it spans over 3 discs).
The story themselves while be long stay interesting because of casts of characters that is involved in the game. The characters have their own depth and stories that will make you love them and understand that they have something that makes them who they are now in the story. For the main character you will play as this cloud guy, the spiky haired protagonist that is looking for his true self over the journey of the series. Along the way he will be accompanied by the beautiful yet strong fighter childhood friend tifa, the mistook you for his ex sweet mother earth that Aerith, the cool red dog Red XIII, the crazy scientist maniac cid, the stupid forecaster cat cait sith, and the black dude with hand as a gun garret.
Even the unlockable characters like the sweet and rascal ninja materia thief Yuffie and what I thought to be a vampire Vincent Valentine, have their own story and quest in the game.  I love their stories, I love how your decision in game actually make a change in the story. You can handle the triangle/ square love story between MC-Aerith-Tifa-/Yuffie-?Barret your way. I love the little interaction they have over conflicts and how they cope up with it. They grow as the story progress. Like how Yuffie accepted the Wutai condition, Vincent Repenting himself, Red XIII forgiving his father, Cid become less maniac, Tifa and her fake story, Aerith and her existence, and Barret on his responsibility of his act.
Their characters are so unique and they bring certain impact to the stories. You can even find out more about Vincent in his spin-off game that is called dirge of Cerberus. Or if you want to find out more about aerith’s ex you can play the crisis core.  They have so much stories to tell, and the game managed to conclude it In a good way. I just want all characters in after credits in the game not only red XIII, but instead we got the Advent Children movie, (not that I complained).
I have to admit the antagonist of the story is very amazing and I can even say legendary for one of them. You have the turks that actually just guys like you that is only oppose you because of their job. I kind of like reno, rude, elena and tseng dynamics in the game. I hate this maniac called Hojo for many obvious reason that is explained in the game. AND I LOVE THE LEGENDARY LONG SWORDED SILVER HAIRED ONE WINGED ANGEL “SEPIROTH”. He is so goddamn fantastic villain that actually get his job done, and his messiah complex makes his character so much fun. I love how much impact this sepiroth have on the story and the main character. I love that the story end with the MC and sepiroth concluding their business. He is so legendary that along with the MC, Aerith, and Tifa. He is referenced and appeared in other games. And don’t get me started on his theme song… check out his theme below.
The long story did not bother me at all since the gameplay is very engaging, and they have a load of variety of minigame inside the game, starting from squat jump, bitchslap competition, motor riding, raising and racing the big chicken chocobo, playing game within a game, lining up right, and so many quick times event that you won’t think possible for PS1 games. They also have several moments that is golden comedy as a plot, and I really enjoyed making the cross dress just to get through a scenario. Moreover the story brings each of the character their worst and best character, so you can get to know them deeper and become attached to them. I actually felt sadder and sadder every time I went and change the disc knowing it will bring me to the end of story.
The turn-based game procedure that they use is different from the typical JRPG game, and they dare you to put your strategy in limited time, and you will get used to it in many fight you will go through in the game. Even though there are times you need to fight fodder to gain level, but the main fight and the bosses are very unique and I have to say they can give you a very hard challenge if you are not prepared. (I am talking about you, ultimate weapon)
The soundtrack is amazing and you can feel sad, gloomy, and laugh even with the limited graphic that is limited on PS1. You can feel the serenity of aerith in her theme, you will feel fired up on racing with chocobo, you will want to gamble all the way, you will feel the primitive way in  Red XIII hometown, you will feel victory and of course you can feel the wrath of Sepiroth through the soundtrack! I will share some of my favorite soundtrack from the game below.

I really enjoyed this game, and I hope I can get the same and even better experience from playing the remake that will be done in the future. This game makes me wanted to finish Final Fantasy VIII on PS1, but before that I recommend you to play this game and feel the wonders that I feel as I went with many adventure on the game. Final Fantasy VII I will remember you as one of the greatest game experience i ever went through.

oh yeah check out the remake trailer, it will get you excited