Kamis, 04 Januari 2018

New Year with New THORS Balikpapan Reptiles

This new year of 2018, i visited Pasar segar Balikpapan in hope of getting a grilled corn. The event was pretty good, but I will talk about it in other articles. as it was now, i want to talk about one of their stands that is filled with snakes and reptiles. It was a New THORS stand. 
New THORS is a community of reptile lovers in Balikpapan. if you have a reptile or unique animal friends, or any interest in that and went to visit New THORS you can meet others with similar interests.  I have also enjoyed seeing the unique snakes, and crocodiles which they have raised themselves. I even take photos with the crocs and the big snake named dodot. God they are pretty heavy, and can be pretty scary at times, yet it was pretty good experience and the owner assure me that it is safe as they are used to human touch since they are small (even though dodot ate two chickens when he escape once).
anyway, if you didn't manage to visit them back then you can almost always visit them on Lapangan Merdeka during sunday as they show off their pet and reach for donation. or you can also contact them through the contact below which i got from their card

New THORS ~ Jamal Phatiya
BBM : D00A4415
Phone : 082188319888
IG : newthorrsbpp

They are nice people and have nice reptile friends. don't hesitate to visit them. Dare to experience new things
below is the photo gallery that i constructed from the photo i got in their stand

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