Jumat, 12 Januari 2018

Shadow of Colossus on the Dream


I was a citizens that livded all my lifes on the  back of a stone like collosus dragon. And in my dreams I got a prophecy that the dragon will die soon and i have to warn the people to save them. It have multiple ending where after i finished the first playthrough i started over but will end up in different ending through the knowledge presented in deja vu like memories. It was an awesome and adventure filled dream. I mean there is  an encounter with god, the hardship over storm , climbing the dragon, facing all the challenges. Soo much fun you know. I sometimes wonder how can all that adventure fit in the 7 hour sleep. Dreams are pretty awesome, I think this dream is influenced by the story of our prophet, then some RPG games story about adventure, most likely zelda breath of the wild, most importantly the experience of shadow of collosus definitly influence the dreams that i had last night. I hope to have more dreams like this. Since it was really fun.

Speaking of which most of you which have PS2 should know about the game shadow of colossus (if you don't shame on you), and we know that it is one of the best game PS2 have to offer. The story and the simple gameplay they offer just amazing. The plot still remains in my heart to this day due to how different it gets in the plot twist and how it end. In the recent news, they will make a remastered version of it with the better graphics and gameplay in 2018. You should look forward to it

By the way, i want to share one of my favorite soundtrack from the game. It plays when you fight that giant fly on the wide desert. You should try and listen to it. personally it has a very adventurous and epic atmosphere to it.