Rabu, 10 Januari 2018

Warung Arema 1979 Kantor Pos Balikpapan

There was a time when i lived in prapatan street in Balikpapan. My family often buy something to eat rather than cooking since my parents both out to work till late. One of the most special food they ever brought me was this kwetiau from warung arema in Kantor pos.
The first time i ate kwetiau, i found it was weird that the noodle is very thick, not like other noodle i found in Bakso.This kwetiau in particular is very filled with sauce and spice, and i really addicted to it.

Furthermore, the eatery will offer you a lot of spicy sauce and the dish is served in big servings as well. some people may not really be able to finish it alone. 
I become a frequent costumer on the shop since i was small since back then. The dish that i ate in the eatery was really different from the others. I was really surprised that i cannot find the same taste of the same dish at the other eatery. I think it just show how special this eatery is. 
The lady owner is used to my family coming there to eat. She is actually very old now, she used to cook back then but now she just supervise the eatery. However, that doesn't mean that she retired. She actually make bakpao apollo and sell it. Her bakpao business is actually thriving and her red bakpao stand number reach up to seven stands that sell her bakpao apolo in front of pertamina hospital.
Anyway the price of the food is pretty low. They actually have food ranging from 12-20K and drinks from 1-6K. Below is another menu that i tried on the shop. I love their fuyung hai and also theit fried rice since it contains a lot of sauce not ketchup. You will love the food here if you love sweet sour spicy things in your mouth.

I really enjoy eating here, even though the place is simple. The food and the price is just right for me. from time to time, the want to eat kwetiau here just suddenly pop up. 

I hope that you can taste the food here. And someday i hope my children and grandchildren will be able to eat here as well. 

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