Jumat, 12 Januari 2018

Warung Arema Klandasan Menu

So i want to write further about my favorite eatery in Balikpapan , The warungArema 1979 in Klandasan. In the previous article i mentioned my history with the shop. but now, i want to talk about the menu further. as they make a new listing of the menu and available at go food now.

They have varying menu but the one that usually we had is Kwetiau, and Fuyung Hai. The fuyung hai is served like fried dish (gorengan) and accompanied by a soup sauce that taste like capcay sauce.  it is crunchy yet very good to chew at the same time. you can eat it and it would still taste good even without the sauce. You can see the food below

The Kwetiau menu is now have been divided into two type. the usual one which serve the noodle with sausage, bakso, ayam, vegetables, and fried egg. The usual serving is still same and it cost only 16K. The special kwetiau will not give you fried egg, but it will give you liver and more chicken instead. Either way they both taste amazing.

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