Jumat, 30 Maret 2018

Remember Your Childhood Antics with Club Babysitter Anime

Babies are cute, and warm, and seems tiring to be taken care of but despite all the hassle it is worth it seeing them grow up. That is the whole impression that I got after binge watching 12 episode of Club Babysitter anime last night. It is a pretty good and heartwarming anime about love and family, and of course babies.

The story tell the tale about a pair of brothers Ryuuichi and Kotaro who lost their parents in a plane accident, and after that they were taken care of by a rich grumpy headmaster grandma that lost her child in the same plane accident. The rich grandma offer them to be taken care of in exchange for Ryuuichi to work as a babysitter in the babysitter club in her highschool.
The cast is pretty fun and unique with their own special attitude and quirk. The babies are cute and innocent with their own character. There is the outgoing taka, the cute kirin, the crybaby of the twin Kazuma and the happyball of the twin takuma, and of course the cool Kotaro. Every episode plays based on their activity and antics with the caretakers Ryuuichi, usaida, Hayato, and people around the school.
In this limited setting of course the supporting character would play important role in bringing the show stays interesting. The parents and students had a weird character. Like there are overprotective parents, stoic student, and student which fall in love with one of the parents (which is married). They looks pretty weird but also fun to be with, especially usaida the caretaker.
It is an interesting take of how babysitter work, and what kind of activity would be fun to be done with kids. They have an outing to the school, beach, and festivals. It was pretty nice to remember that we too used to be like children like them.
The episode is also bringing moral value to the viewer, by showing affection and commitment between ryuuichi and his brother. It is pretty hard for him after losing his parents, but he is grateful that he still have his brother, and slowly believe that he is not alone in this world and can still be happy.
If you want to watch a nice simple antics of children and want to remember how cute (and shitty) a children and baby can be, you should watch this anime. Overall, I enjoyed this anime.